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Object * afnix::Object::apply ( class Runnable robj,
class Nameset nset,
const long  quark,
class Vector argv 
) [virtual, inherited]

apply an object with a vector of arguments by quark

robj the current runnable
nset the current nameset
quark the quark to apply these arguments
argv the vector arguments to apply

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Definition at line 343 of file Object.cpp.

References afnix::Object::clone(), afnix::Vector::get(), afnix::Object::issho(), afnix::Vector::length(), afnix::Runnable::post(), afnix::String::qmap(), afnix::Object::rdlock(), afnix::Object::repr(), afnix::Object::unlock(), afnix::Object::vdef(), and afnix::Object::wrlock().

    long argc = (argv == nilp) ? 0 : argv->length ();

    // dispatch 0 arguments
    if (argc == 0) {
      if (quark == QUARK_REPR)   return new String  (repr ());
      if (quark == QUARK_SHARED) return new Boolean (issho ());
      if (quark == QUARK_RDLOCK) {
      rdlock ();
      robj->post (this);
      return this;
      if (quark == QUARK_WRLOCK) {
      wrlock ();
      robj->post (this);
      return this;
      if (quark == QUARK_UNLOCK) {
      unlock ();
      robj->post (this);
      return this;
      if (quark == QUARK_CLONE) {
      Object* result = clone ();
      robj->post (result);
      return result;

    // dispatch 1 argument
    if ((argc == 1) && (quark == QUARK_EQUL)) {
      Object* obj = argv->get (0);
      return this->vdef (robj, nset, obj);

    // no way - error
    String mesg = "invalid call to apply with name ";
    mesg = mesg + String::qmap (quark);
    mesg = mesg + " from object type";
    throw Exception ("apply-error", mesg, repr ());

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